Tackle Backpack

If you are looking to take a little bit more of an assortment of lures and jigs, and need that extra storage, the Tackle Backpack containing up to 4 Tackle Trays may just be the answer. Winning the AFTA 2015 'Tackle Management of the Year', voted for by retailers across Australia, you'll be able to load up and take off at any time to anywhere with minimal notice. Knowing that you have your backpack filled with all your fishing essentials in a tough durable bag.


Rod Tubes

Shimano have tackled the problem of rod storage and protection when on the road, and now have their own rod tubes in a variety of useful sizes. There are 3 to choose from, all constructed from heavy duty PVC covered in a hard-wearing cloth, and are nylon lined for added protection.


Reel Covers

Reel covers are important for protecting reels from scratches, flying salt spray, even dust when on the road, so they are especially useful in northern Australia. Shimano has a size to accommodate any reel, from diminutive 1000 size spin models right up to the 30,000 Stella.


Rod Wraps

Whether walking into that secret fishing spot, travelling on a boat, or in a car, Shimano Rod Wraps are the very best way of keeping a bunch of rods together and secure. They're also very handy for stopping rods in a rod tube from moving around when in transit.


Padded Gimbal

Light tackle game fishing for marlin, tuna and sharks can often lead to fights of many hours' duration, so it's important to be wearing a comfortable rod bucket to limit fatigue - and to avoid wearing a hole in your stomach! This padded fighting belt from Shimano is fully adjustable, has a stainless steel gimbal pin, and is perfect for light tackle from 4 to 10 kilos, but also when jigging kings, fighting giant trevally on popper rods, or using any outfit that has a slotted gimbal butt cap.


Spin Reel Rest

Reel Rests enable the angler to use easily attachable harness straps. Designed for spin anglers to take on big game fish by reducing fatigue and providing leverage against those huge catches.